Analysing a soccer game using multiple cameras

What is Sensorfusion?

Sensor fusion brings together distributed data sources to get a more accurate representation of reality. In this project, four camera streams are merged to automatically analyse a football match.

Key Features

Game Analysation

Automatically detect game events by merging captured data and derive it to specific events.

Line Detection

Correctly detecting lines of the soccer field is an essential part for reading the current scenario.

Team Assignment

Identifying the players team is necessary in order to assign game events to the according team.

Whistle Detection

Every camera delivers an audio stream which gets processed to recognise the referee's whistles.


Game Analysation results can be visualised with a cross-platform UI.


The Game Analysation offers a configuration interface for setting parameters such as log level.

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Special thanks to Wenger Videoanalyse for creating and adapting the footage of the football match.

Meet our team

Breitenberger, BSc

Data Fusion
Line Recognition

Dietachmair, BSc

Image Processing

Holzer, BSc

Data Fusion
Software Architecture

Kensy, BSc

Image Processing

Wu, BSc

Audio Processing

Project monitoring: FH-Prof. DI Michael Bogner, FH-Prof. DI (FH) Franz Leopold Wiesinger